Magnetic Stove Thermometer

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  • Monitor your wood stove temperature
  • Prevent the risk of tar build-up and excessive fuel use
  • Prevent your Cocoon Fan from overheating
  • Strong magnet
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A must have to monitor & control your wood stove fires!

Protect your Cocoon Fan from overheating with the magnetic Stove Temperature Gauge. It clearly displays the temperature of your stove, enabling you to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature (250ยฐF - 500ยฐF) and preventing you from damaging the Cocoon Fan motor.

Furthermore, it displays the optimum burn temperature to prevent the risk of tar build-up and excessive fuel use.

The robust design and strong magnet of the Magnetic Stove Thermometer means it is suitable for use on any hot steel or iron surface, including stoves, BBQ, ranges, patio heaters, flue pipes or chimneys.

  • Prevent the risk of your stove overheating
  • Easily monitor optimum burn
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Monitor flue pipe temperature
  • Strong internal magnet
  • Brilliant design
  • 2.5" by 0.6"
  • 2 oz

Place the Magnetic Stove Thermometer on the top, front, or side of a flat or curved surface. The built-in magnet will maintain its hold on steel up to temperatures of around 800ยฐF. The optimum position is on the flue collar, or if not practical, as close to the collar as possible for a stable reliable place for monitoring the heater and flue gas temperature. Suitable for use with most vitreous enamel, iron or steel flue pipes.

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